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Nirvana Rocks Belgium with Epic Food Fight and Champagne Heist

By Alexander Benz
June 5, 2023

Nirvana's tour in Belgium included a chaotic food fight, which escalated into a full-blown battle that destroyed the food tent, and the band also stole Ride's champagne, peed in their champagne bucket, and swiped all their flowers and candy; meanwhile, Bunny's Buckets & Bubbles, a new restaurant in Fells Point, will offer fried chicken and champagne, and sommeliers have shared their dream wine regions they'd love to visit.

At a glance

  • Nirvana's chaotic and memorable food fight in Belgium during their tour
  • Bunny's Buckets & Bubbles, a new restaurant in Fells Point specializing in fried chicken and champagne
  • Decadent champagne gifts for special occasions, including Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame 2015 and Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Brut 2014
  • Impressive beverage tubs for entertaining and keeping drinks chilled, including The Final Touch Stainless Steel Insulated Beverage Bin and the YETI Tank Bucket Cooler
  • Sommeliers' dream wine regions around the world, including South Africa's Coastal Region and Italy's Piedmont

The details

Title: The Wild Tales of Nirvana's Tour in Belgium and the World of Champagne

Nirvana's Unforgettable Food Fight in Belgium

During Nirvana's tour in Belgium, the band took part in one of the most chaotic and memorable food fights in rock history.

Frontman Kurt Cobain shared details of the epic food fight with journalist Everett True.

It all began when the band members swapped name-tags for a backstage dinner at a festival.

This seemingly harmless prank left Pogues frontman Shane MacGowan on his own, being spoon-fed baby food because he couldn't chew.

The mischievous members of Nirvana decided to give MacGowan a plate of apples, which he obviously couldn't eat.

The Food Fight Escalates

What started as a simple prank escalated quickly into a full-blown food fight.

Someone threw a carrot stick and a grape, triggering a massive food battle that ultimately destroyed the food tent.

Kurt Cobain mentioned that if televisions had been present in the tent, they would have been wrecked as well.

As the madness continued, Nirvana snuck into Ride's trailer and stole their champagne, peed in their champagne bucket, and swiped all their flowers and candy.

When asked about the outrageous behavior, Kurt Cobain showed no remorse.

He argued that no one indulges in such antics anymore because they're too scared.

Nirvana did it all simply because they were bored and wanted to have "real sincere fun."

Bunny's Buckets & Bubbles: A New Southern-Style Experience

A new restaurant called Bunny's Buckets & Bubbles is coming soon to Fells Point.

The unique concept specializes in fried chicken and champagne, offering classic southern-style cuisine with a modern twist.

The eatery is expected to open on Ann Street, at the location where the Wharf Rat used to be.

A Menu to Delight Food Lovers

Founder and chef Jesse Sandlin, who is also part owner of Sally O's and The Dive, describes the menu as having fried chicken as its backbone.

Patrons can expect a delicious mix of comfort food favorites, all prepared with exceptional attention to detail.

Bunny's Buckets & Bubbles also plans to offer a comfortable, inviting dining experience, with a mix of booths and tables on two levels.

The eye-catching, 20-seat horseshoe bar will allow customers to enjoy the open kitchen design, making it a perfect spot for casual dining.

The Art of Decadent Champagne Gifts

Champagne is a universal symbol of celebration, luxury, and love.

Decadent champagne gifts make thoughtful, eye-catching presents for the important women in your life.

Some top choices include:

  • Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame 2015, an elegant prestige cuvée created in collaboration with Italian ceramicist Paola Paronetto
  • Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Brut 2014 and Belle Epoque Rosé 2013, both sold in stunning, art-inspired, and sustainable gift boxes
  • Dom Ruinart Rosé 2009, a layered Champagne with fresh and sunny aromas
  • Krug Rosé 27th Edition, a bold and elegant rosé from a prestigious Champagne house
  • Ruinart Blanc de Blancs and Rosé, available in SecondSkin, a sustainable and stylish gift choice that maintains the classic Ruinart taste

Impressive Beverage Tubs: The Perfect Party Accessory

Transform any event with the addition of fantastic beverage tubs, ideal for entertaining and keeping drinks chilled.

Amazon offers a variety of personal-sized beverage tubs, some with unique features like LED lights or multifunctional compartments.

If you're hosting a large gathering, a drink station stocked with dispensers full of pre-batched cocktail punch and ice water is sure to please.

Here are some top beverage tub options:

  • The Final Touch Stainless Steel Insulated Beverage Bin: double-walled and holds up to 8 bottles
  • The Oggi Stainless Steel Double Wall Party Tub: versatile, holding up to 12 bottles
  • Hearth & Hand Woven Beverage Tub with Metal Liner: holds about 4 bottles of wine or a dozen cans
  • Frontgate Arctic Chill Beverage Tub Collection: can hold up to 48 bottles and includes compartments for garnishes
  • Acrylic Party Tubs: affordable, easy to clean, and hold about 12-14 bottles of beer or 8 bottles of wine
  • Kraft Insulated Stainless Steel Party Tub: boasts an elegant circular design, 19 inches in diameter, and holds up to 47 quarts
  • Brekx Aspen Galvanized Metal Beverage Tub: durable and can hold about 14 bottles of beer or 10 bottles of wine
  • BirdRock Home Metal Beverage Tub with Stand: includes a bottle opener, ice scoop, and stand, holding up to 11 wine or champagne bottles
  • YETI Tank Bucket Cooler: rugged and can hold up to 52 cans or a slim quarter keg of beer

Sommeliers' Dream Wine Regions: The Ultimate Bucket List

Top sommeliers from around the world have shared their dream wine regions they'd love to visit.

From South Africa's Coastal Region to Italy's Piedmont and even Georgia's Kakheti, these professionals have a diverse and impressive bucket list.

New Zealand's prime Pinot Noir regions, Sicily, Sardinia, and grower Champagne producers in France are just a few more destinations on their must-see lists.

This array of exotic locations also includes Australia, Israel, Argentina, Lebanon, Spain, Uruguay, Slovenia, and the Canary Islands.

Finally, the Douro Valley in Portugal, Santorini in Greece, and Friulian whites in Italy round out a truly global array of wine regions, offering endless opportunities for discovering new, remarkable wine experiences.


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